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HERE/NOW exists to increase and diffuse knowledge
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LOCATION: Open Flight Studio (OFS) 4205 University Way NE / 98105
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SHOW: 8-945pm
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Monday, March 12, 2012

Installment 12 (3/10/12)

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Pictured above standing (l to r) are Ezra Dickinson, Adrienne Russell (AKA Pavonine), Milvia Berenice Pacheco Salvatierra, Ben Blankenship, Alan Sutherland, Kane Mathis, Michael Sauder (AKA Geist) and Barry Alavi (AKA Behrooz) and sitting (l to r) are Marc Kenison (AKA Waxie Moon), Kevin Nortness, Jackie An (AKA circadies), Tracy Broyles, Emma Klein, Christin Call, Chris Stover and Sean Tomerlin.


In no specificalistical order:

1. There seem to be two different kinds of Celebration: celebration of the spirit/body and celebration of the intellect/mind. They were both present. And they were both appreciated for what they are capable of accomplishing.
2. Wow... three years. Wild.
3. It appears to be impossible to separate on any objectively discernible level a participant-viewed series of improvisations from each of those participant's subsequent contributions. Therefore, it could be argued that only the first duet is "original" in this regard, and that the mere act of viewing the duets fuels the event's generative nature... the participants, therefore, having no way of avoiding this meta-dialog.
4. Does the above also apply to anyone's observations regardless of spacetime? In other words, when you are witnessing something, there is also someone witnessing you witness it... you are WHAT is being observed from their perspective.
5. Does the above include this sentence's inherent doubt?
6. If there was ever any sense of disbelief that during HERE/NOW strange coincidences really do have the propensity to occur... appearing to almost be the rule and not the exception: a very pregnant Dancer (Milvia) was paired with a very pregnant instrument (Kane's kora). And life was very beautiful for 8 minutes.
7. It was another packed house... thank you, Seattle, for choosing to spend your evening with us. Your support is inspiring to the participants. We literally couldn't do it without you.
8. I'm delighted to officially announce that after much research, we have concluded that no adult OR child has ever been bored at HERE/NOW. Repetitive just-below-the-surface explorations given participant diversity and a fully in-the-moment production?
9. Intensity Award goes to Alan Sutherland.
10. Instead of imagining what it would be like if two wildly different people performed together, it actually happens. This never ceases to enthrall me to no end. Whereas most of spacetime is reliant on the "what if x and y..." paradigm, HERE/NOW is only reliant on the "when x and y..." with x being any given Dancer and y being any given Musician.
11. If you really could watch a flower grow, I think it would feel a lot like watching a HERE/NOW duet.
12. Random Thought of the Night: why are some people afraid of Real, while others consciously bathe in it?
13. Quiet works well at OFS. Loud works well at OFS.
14. Wow... three years. Damn. It just hit me again. That's a lot of collective risk being taken.
15. Prepare for the act of coming face-to-face with the unexpected and you will be fine.
16. When given lemons, make lemonade. This doesn't mean you have to set up a website and hire a sales manager, though.
17. I feel as if I have experienced more decent, high-quality, risk-positive artistic exploration at HERE/NOW then I have at most non-improvised works. With the perception that there is nothing to lose, do we automatically risk more, give more?
18. Does improvisation constitute a pro-active, zero-thought mode of consciousness? And, therefore, does that mode then serve to strengthen our sense of both internal and external Trust?
19. Codification leads to standardization. Standardization leads to horizontal access. Horizontal access leads to inclusivity.
20. As usual: I laughed, I cried, I thought, I felt... I was inspired. What more could anyone want from an art-based event?
21. Cue substantial applause x 8, please.
22. Dance and Music... two sides of the same proverbial coin. Spend wisely.

~ Christopher


The evening's duets in chronological order:

1. Emma Klein (D) + Jackie An (AKA circadies) (M)
2. Alan Sutherland (D) + Kevin Nortness (M)
3. Sean Tomerlin (D) + Chris Stover (M)
4. Christin Call (D) + Ben Blankenship (M)


5. Marc Kenison (AKA Waxie Moon) (D) + Michael Sauder (AKA Geist) (M)
6. Milvia Berenice Pacheco Salvatierra (D) + Kane Mathis (M)
7. Ezra Dickinson (D) + Adrienne Russell (AKA Pavonine) (M)
8. Tracy Broyles (D) + Barry Alavi (AKA Behrooz) (M)


If you attended this installment, please take a minute and share your thoughts. What did you feel was the most engaging moment of the evening? Whose duet resonated with you the most? How did you hear about HERE/NOW and why did you feel as if you wanted to attend? Were you familiar with any of the participants? Did the evening serve as a catalyst for discussion amongst friends?


Christopher & Paige
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