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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Installment 6 (9/11/10)

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Pictured above standing (l to r) are Carl Farrow, Mara Sedlins, Mike Novak, Billy Davis, Kathryn Padberg, Joe Corrado, Stefanie Brendler and Robert Millis and sitting (l to r) are Jon Zucker, Corrie Befort, Etienne Cakpo, Cassie Wulff, Cyrus Khambatta, Rosa Vissers, Maya Soto and Joshua Kohl.


I've been saying to all those who have asked me that, no, there have not actually been more garden spiders this year than in past years. I feel I am a fairly reasonable individual to report on this situation... being a professional landscaper and gardener I'd like to think this puts me outdoors just about as much as anyone in similar fields. (No pun intended. Believe me.) As of today, I'd officially like to change my opinion. Yeah, I'm pulling a flip-flop on everyone. What can I say, I'm in it for the lobbyists and corporate interests willing to pay me to do so. My official statement? There are without a doubt more garden spiders this year than in past years. Good lord! You know that nifty NASA animation where they show you what it would look like if two galaxies collided? There are spider webs literally intersecting other spider webs, with little territorial beef from either faction toward the other. It's beautiful, but almost unbelievable. So, yeah, more garden spiders this year. It's official.

Which brings me to the latest HERE/NOW. And to why I bothered with this intro in the first place. Spiders are creative little bastards with a voracious patience streak. They're a lot like old school fishermen, minus the creative little bastard part. And then, in the blink of an eye... they're entombing some poor navigationally-challenged fly or bee or knat and manically sucking the blood from its body. Which, to be almost inexcusably kind, makes them "dynamic".

The eight improvised duets all had some variety of dynamics not unlike that possessed by our friend, the garden spider. (Just to make sure we're all on the same proverbial page here, I am speaking of Araneus diadematus when I say "garden spider". You know, cause everything's better in Latin.) The duets were quirky yet gorgeous, light yet well-crafted, and each in its own way had both a generous helping of patience and listening and of "uhm, hey, you don't mind if I suck your blood for a few minutes, do you?" An entertaining combo, needless to say.

Installment 6 saw its first participant, dancer/movement artist Corrie Befort, leave the studio space altogether and, invisible to everyone, get her percussive on in the lobby. Very cool moment for sure. Installment 6 also saw its first musician/sound artist go the entire eight minutes without producing any sound whatsoever. Joshua Kohl decided to bring handwritten signs instructing those he pointed the signs at to do what the signs had written on them. Another very cool scene.

All things considered, it was yet another mighty and creatively courageous evening.


The evening's duets in chronological order:

1. Corrie Befort (D) + Mara Sedlins (M)
2. Mike Novak (D) + Robert Millis (M)
3. Cyrus Khambatta (D) + Joshua Kohl (M)
4. Etienne Cakpo (D) + Carl Farrow (M)


5. Kathryn Padberg (D) + Joe Corrado (M)
6. Cassie Wulff (D) + Jon Zucker (M)
7. Rosa Vissers (D) + Billy Davis (M)
8. Maya Soto (D) + Stefanie Brendler (M)

If you attended this installment take a minute and share your thoughts. What did you feel was the most engaging moment of the evening? Whose duet resonated with you the most? How did you hear about HERE/NOW and why did you feel as if you wanted to attend? Were you familiar with any of the participants? Did the evening serve as a catalyst for discussion amongst friends?


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