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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Installment 11 (12/10/11)

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Pictured above standing (l to r) are Ryan "COHOSH" Converse, Brysen "Just B" Angeles, Karen Nelson, Dave Proscia, Tari Nelson-Zagar, Salo, Dennis Rea and Marissa Rae Niederhauser and sitting (l to r) are Vanessa Skantze, Sarah Lustbader, Lorraine Siu Lin Lau, Neil Welch, Natalie Mai Hall, Robert Tyree, Pearson Wallace-Hoyt and Naomi Russell.


In no particularly particular order:

1. There was a large graffiti tag on the building that plainly read "OCCUPY THE NORTH POLE" and I think the bad-music-toting Santas meant it.
2. I had a bomb of a precise realization just about punch me in the face at some point during the second or third duet: HERE/NOW truly celebrates the gifts of "the individual" in the context of "the group".
3. That realization and its connotations feels very... American. And I think I'm somewhere between mystified and proud about that.
4. "Wow... did that just happen?!" X at least 16.
5. Someone was early. Someone was late. Everyone was on time.
6. Tears. As usual. Which can make "working the lights" very challenging.
7. Spacetimelessness. As usual. Which can make "working the lights" very challenging.
8. Happy that we have committed to full color printed programs.
9. Too much talent for such a diminutive number of square feet.
10. Tell me where all the other art-based events are that focus on Celebration as well as Art and Craft... name them, and I go. (please see one of my favorite animated short films, Creature Comforts, for line reference.)
11. How is it possible that we always sell more beverages in December than in June?
12. Another packed house. Thanks, Seattle.
13. To Olympia to pick up two Musicians. Back from Olympia. Back to Olympia to drop off two Musicians. Back from Olympia. I think I might've just doubled my total number of visits to Olympia. (Kidding.)
14. Excited about the sociocultural potential of the Post-performance Interviews video journal series that we now shoot at the end of each evening.
15. Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will always hurt me.
16. I love creating the group portrait. Photographing all sixteen participants, eight standing and eight sitting, feels so innocent and simple... like a 3rd grade class photo for a pre-digital yearbook... questionable sweaters and all.
17. Did Marissa RAE Niederhauser (D) and Dennis REA (M) really get paired together? Only at HERE/NOW... only at HERE/NOW, folks.
18. PDX in tha house! (When I was much younger, I once explained to my mother what "in tha house" meant. She began using it whenever possible. And she pulled it off, bless her heart. Which is a phrase she once explained to me. I still have problems pulling it off.)
19. Christin Call was kind enough to review this installment on the SeattleDances blogsite. See the above post for the link.

~ Christopher


The evening's duets in chronological order:

1. Brysen "Just B" Angeles (D) + Dave Proscia (M)
2. Vanessa Skantze (D) + Salo (M)
3. Sarah Lustbader (D) + Ryan "COHOSH" Converse (M)
4. Robert Tyree (D) + Neil Welch (M)


5. Karen Nelson (D) + Natalie Mai Hall (M)
6. Marissa Rae Niederhauser (D) + Dennis Rea (M)
7. Naomi Russell (D) + Tari Nelson-Zagar (M)
8. Lorraine Siu Lin Lau (D) + Pearson Wallace-Hoyt (M)


If you attended this installment, please take a minute and share your thoughts. What did you feel was the most engaging moment of the evening? Whose duet resonated with you the most? How did you hear about HERE/NOW and why did you feel as if you wanted to attend? Were you familiar with any of the participants? Did the evening serve as a catalyst for discussion amongst friends?


Christopher & Paige
Creative Directors | Curators

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