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LOCATION: Open Flight Studio (OFS) 4205 University Way NE / 98105
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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Installment 1 (5/16/09)

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Pictured above standing (l to r) are Geist, Samuel Yoder, Jeffrey Huston, Ivory Smith, Paige Barnes and Aiko Kinoshita and sitting (l to r) are Bobby Wane, Marissa Rae Niederhauser, Mônica Mata Gilliam and Chris Stover. With all reason to be, you're probably wondering how this photo was taken without there being a camera that evening... and where are the other six participants hiding? This photograph was organized to happen at a later date and given the algorithm-like complexity of the collective schedule of sixteen working artists there were unfortunately a few that weren't able to be there. They are Amelia Reeber, Space, Paris Hurley, Misha Kaschock, Violette Tucker and Michael Rioux.


The inaugural installment of HERE/NOW, from the first duet to the last, served as wonderfully immediate proof that the program's format and goals were as constructively related as we had hoped they were. We also learned that in order for future installments to truly breathe without any misappropriated energies or temporary losses of spacetime (Intermission Control this is Installment 1, we seem to have lost you... come in Intermission Control) we, the organizers, needed to place even more focus on the details of the details of the details.

Of the details.

At the top of the Did We Really Forget To Bring That list was a digital camera. Having discussed why it might be extremely complimentary to the HERE/NOW concept to photograph each installment's participants in group portrait style, the only piece of technology that could have achieved this was sleeping peacefully on the armrest of our sofa as we were setting up chairs, making sure beverages were chilled and welcoming the steady trickle of Dancers and Musicians into Open Flight Studio.

The evening's duets in chronological order:

1. Aiko Kinoshita (D) + Chris Stover (M)

2. Mônica Mata Gilliam (D) + Bobby Wane (M)

3. Paige Barnes (D) + Space (M)

4. Misha Kaschock (D) + Ivory Smith (M)


5. Marissa Rae Niederhauser (D) + Geist (M)

6. Amelia Reeber (D) + Jeffrey Huston (M)

7. Michael Rioux (D) + Samuel Yoder (M)

8. Violette Tucker (D) + Paris Hurley (M)

If you attended this installment take a minute and share your thoughts. What did you feel was the most engaging moment of the evening? Whose duet resonated with you the most? How did you hear about HERE/NOW and why did you feel as if you wanted to attend? Were you familiar with any of the participants? Did the evening serve as a catalyst for discussion amongst friends?


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