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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Installment 3 (12/5/09)

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Pictured above standing (l to r) are Timm Mason, Haruko Nishimura, Monica Schley, Dustin Haug, Alia Swersky, Tiny Light, Scott Colburn and Wally Shoup and sitting (l to r) are Vanessa DeWolf, Angelina Baldoz, KT Niehoff, Tahni Holt, Tamin Totzke, Ezra Dickinson, Jesse Canterbury and Tiffany Lin.


Installment 3, like Installment 2 before it, saw the proverbial bar raised once again in certain regards. The one aspect to this evening's dynamics that felt entirely new was the way that each successive duet played an almost generative role in the scope of all eight performances. For the first time the evening played out almost as if it was a fully designed experience replete with beginning, middle and ending works... an actual arc revealed.

Something else really, really seemed to stick out this time as well: the inherent nonlinear dynamics bred into the program's format seemed to be having a blast pairing the participants. Each duet's performers displayed blindingly obvious visual and/or artistic connections, some almost to the extent to which there was a tangible humor in the pairing itself.

This installment also featured HERE/NOW's first costumed participants. Surely it won't be its last. And, finally, the evening saw not one, not two, but three out-of-town participants. Tahni Holt from Portland, OR and partners and ex-Seattleites Dustin Haug and Tamin Totzke from Minneapolis, MN.

The evening's duets in chronological order:

1. KT Niehoff (D) + Jesse Canterbury (M)
2. Tahni Holt (D) + Wally Shoup (M)
3. Vanessa DeWolf (D) + Monica Schley (M)
4. Haruko Nishimura (D) + Angelina Baldoz (M)


5. Ezra Dickinson (D) + Tiny Light (M)
6. Alia Swersky (D) + Scott Colburn (M)
7. Dustin Haug (D) + Tiffany Lin (M)
8. Tamin Totzke (D) + Timm Mason (M)

If you attended this installment take a minute and share your thoughts. What did you feel was the most engaging moment of the evening? Whose duet resonated with you the most? How did you hear about HERE/NOW and why did you feel as if you wanted to attend? Were you familiar with any of the participants? Did the evening serve as a catalyst for discussion amongst friends?


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